Donate LMS Tumor

Have a surgery coming up?

Donate fresh living LMS tumor cells for researchers!

The Rare Cancer Research Foundation (RCRF) has agreed to include LMS into a project they have with the Broad Institute to create live growing LMS cell lines (in petri dishes) for researchers to use! Cell lines are cancer cells that keep dividing and growing over time, under certain conditions in a laboratory. Cancer cell lines are used in research to study the biology of cancer and to test cancer treatments.

If you are having an upcoming surgery, please donate some of your live tumor tissue to this project. Once you sign the consent form… you are done. There is no cost or shipping on your part. Your tissue cells will be anonymous – so you will NOT be able to know what is found out with your cells specifically. But you will help advance LMS research for us all.

Donate fresh living LMS tumor cells for researchers!
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VIDEO: Broad Institute Rare Cancer Dependency Map Initiative