Leiomyosarcoma Fundraiser for LMS Research

Leiomyosarcoma Support & Research Foundation depends on you to help raise money for Leiomyosarcoma research. You can get involved and help support our mission by creating a fundraiser. Newly diagnosed with LMS? Call us for help navigating this new journey. Caregivers are encouraged to call us too! 1-866-912-2730

Fundraiser Ideas

  • Put on your fundraiser and don’t forget to advertise it.
  • Send the money raised to LMSDR
  • We will issue you a thank you letter with the amount donated and our nonprofit ID for your tax purposes.


Facebook fundraisers are easy to make — they even include a designated landing page. To create one, click Fundraisers in the left sidebar of the Facebook home page. Then use Facebook’s fundraiser creation tool to indicate specifics about the fundraiser, such as duration and fundraising goal, and your fundraiser will be immediately published on the site.


Crowdrise fundraising pages are the social nonprofit sites by Go Fund Me. They offer some advantages. Money donated on the site goes directly to the charity. The charity gets an instant notice when someone donates and helps you send a personalized thank you letter to each one. The donors are listed on the site to inspire others. You can write your story and make your call to action with photos and videos too.


The Gross Cupcake Challenge for the Cure
Put FUN back in FUNdraising and raise an enormous amount of donations for LMS research!

Here’s the challenge. Ask your Facebook friends to pledge a donation to LMSDR and you will eat a gross cupcake and put the video up for them to watch on a specific date. They can make a donation on your Facebook page or you can set up a Crowdrise page . Set a goal of how much you think you can raise. People like to help reach goals.

On your specified day…
Have a friend make a mystery gross (but edible) cupcake for you.
Video you eating the cupcake. Ham it up! Buckets and a glass of water are allowed. You must eat the entire cupcake. Hey, it’s for a great cause!
Post your video on Facebook. Don’t forget to post it to the LMSDR Facebook Group too.
Get creative! Have the entire family eat a gross cupcake together or eat it without hands… the funnier, the better.

Examples of what to put inside the cupcakes are: Sour pickles, hot red chili peppers, a raw egg, unripe persimmon, raw lemon, cooked spinach, rotten banana, cat food…. or top it with gobs mayo or horseradish with anchovies on top. We can’t wait to see what you get!

Ask all your friends to do it too…

Other Fundraising Ideas

  • Lemon Aid Stand for LMSDR
  • Bandana Days – giving out hair scarves for donations to show support of a teacher.
  • Facebook Fundraisers – celebrate a birthday, holiday or cancer anniversary.
  • Concerts – performers donate all ticket proceeds.
  • Rummage sales – organize a few households to clear out their unwanted items.
  • Benefits – throw a party and donate ticket proceeds.
  • Ribbons – give out LMSdr ribbons/cards for your birthday or to celebrate your annual survivorship.
  • Services – do you know someone who will give a class, haircuts, manicures, childcare or other services for a donation?
  • Restaurants – ask a restaurant to donate a percentage of each meal for LMS research.
  • Scavenger Hunts – organize a neighborhood contest with a participation fee.
  • Block Parties – sell food or host a booth to raise money. Scavenger Hunt Zumba Fundraiser


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Support Group

Join our private Facebook support group.

LEIOMYOSARCOMA: What You Need to Know

Remember or honor a loved one’s legacy by setting up a dedication page and requesting that donations be made in their honor or memory to help find a cure for sarcoma.