Venus DeLoach, 58, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer called Leiomyosarcoma in May 2015. Leiomyosarcoma is a very rare and aggressive cancer of the connective and supportive tissues- including nerves, muscles, fat, joints, and bone-
and represents less than 1% of all adult cancer cases in the world.
Venus “Vennie” DeLoach was born in Elizabeth, NJ to the late Olether Chambers and Wardell DeLoach.
Vennie attended the Newark and Irvington school systems, graduating from Irvington High School in 1975. She went on to complete course work at Bloomfield College. Vennie later began her career working for the Essex County Division of Welfare in 1979 and retired after 23 years of service.
She raised three beautiful daughters Tamiqua, Tia, and Tiana, as well as a very special granddaughter Iyana. She also cared for nearly 100 foster children and several family members whom she held dear to her heart.
Vennie gave from her heart so many tokens of kindness to all she came in contact with. Her kindness will surely be missed.

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About Leiomyosarcoma Support & Direct Research Foundation (LMSDR)

Debra Ross Stahl

This fund was created out of love for Venus DeLoach to help others win their battle with leiomyosarcoma by funding LMS specific research. Leiomyosarcoma Support & Direct Research Foundation (LMSDR) raises donations for Leiomyosarcoma research and patient support.  We advocate directly with sarcoma researchers to study leiomyosarcoma. We offer the largest moderated support group online for leiomyosarcoma, where patients and loved ones get the latest LMS news and  personal support. The LMSDR’s website offers local support groups, details of what we do, the research we have funded and many resources for the Leiomyosarcoma community. The LMSe Alerts is our monthly newsletter, offering more updated clinical trials, news and community events. The Leiomyosarcoma Lifeline is our new blog, featuring patient stories and our well-known Long Term Thriver stories.

We collaborate with researchers and other organization to reach our mission and vision of finding treatments that will work. We have created the Leiomyosarcoma Tissue Bank for researchers to study our disease, the Leiomyosarcoma website for education and support at our leiomyosarcoma patient conferences, in Denver, Colorado, San Francisco, California, New York City, New York, and Maui, Hawaii.  Please stay in touch with our website for more upcoming events sponsored by Leiomyosarcoma Support & Direct Research Foundation.

Leiomyosarcoma Support & Direct Research is an all volunteer organization which Vennie supported.  We are proud to have Patient Registry to collect data, and ran successful blood collections for study. We have brought patients and loved ones together from all over the minimal amount of expenses as possible, to ensure your money goes directly to funding promising research for leiomyosarcoma specifically.  You can volunteer, put on fundraisers, promote LMS awareness and ask your employer for matched funds. Please consider making a donation and helping us Work, not wish, for treatments that will work for us. We have been a 501(C) (3) since 2006 and a tax-free charity.