There is Still Life After LMS! This is a collection of moments and experiences that many of us never thought we’d have – after we were diagnosed with LMS.  Maybe you are grieving for your old normal life. Maybe you think this is the end. Rest assured, there is still plenty of living to be had for each and every one of us!

For me, I never dreamed that someone would fall in love with me again. I thought I had “damaged goods” written across my body. After all, there were surgical scars, CT scans, and bouts of depression. How could someone in their right mind risk it

with someone who has a stage 4, incurable cancer? It took someone who was a cancer survivor themselves to see past the statistics and seize the opportunity.  Bruce and I played Japanese taiko drums together… one of my therapies to stay strong and positive. He had never known me as anything but as stage 4, as I have always been very open about my journey. He loved me for who I was, especially because I was a survivor.


So here is proof that there is still life after LMS…

Chris Albe: Parasailing with my 9-year-old granddaughter. In the beginning I never thought I would see her at this age.

Debra Iaropoli Simons: There are so many grand moments and life changing events. It’s hard to pin down one thing. LMS has changed my life. Receiving a leadership award next to a living legend in nursing was spectacular. And, now starting several nursing programs as a Dean is very rewarding too and the pinnacle of my career.

Kelly Pounds: My biggest physical accomplishment was 53-mile, “Yalaha Bakery Bike Ride,” 15 years after massive leg surgery because of LMS.

Sharon Knabb: I was diagnosed May 2017 with uLMS. This is me one month later June 2017, standing in front of Sacre Coeur in Paris. I tell myself every day, that I need to live my best life right now.

Amy Morrison Regenstreif: This is by far my greatest accomplishment! Diagnosed in 2001 and living with tumors since 2008. My kids are almost 30 years old. I spent almost 18 years as a single parent and I somehow stayed here. 🌹❤️ I can’t top that no matter where I have been, or what I have done.

Andrea Brill: I’m uber passionate about competing in dog sports with my Lucy Bird.
Here, she catches massive air and distance during this Ultimate Air Dogs, Dock Diving Event. We were at Brylin Obedience Specialty School in King, NC. I was unable to compete for nine months after my total pelvic exenteration. Now, I’m back to being in a state of euphoria when Team Lucy Bird is on the dock, or trialing in any dog show. Love my favorite girl!

Angela Hogan Pereira: I rode 60 miles in the Hotter Than Hell ride, 3-years post after LMS

I danced at my youngest daughter’s wedding, 5-years post diagnosis.

Susie Donohue: I just got back from a week in Costa Rica with my two beautiful teens, husband and 18 other relatives. For uLMS, I’ve had 3 surgeries in 6 months. I was only 3-weeks post-repair of a femoral fracture but zip-lined, hiked several miles through the jungle, swam solo deep in the ocean (the boat captain let me jump in without a life vest but made the others wear them!) and jumped off a cliff into a river. I swam 2-3 hours every day with my children and it was awesome.

Lea Prince Custer: I got to go to Hawaii with my beloved sister Mary Prince three times after lung mets were found in 2016! And, Disneyworld! Living life with LMS. 💜

Carol Mobley Rowe: I was waiting until my kids were grown, to learn to ride a motorcycle. After diagnosis I decided I wasn’t going to wait until later to accomplish things. So I got bought a motorcycle and learned to ride. For me it’s a therapeutic way to spend some time.

Krista Adams Hibbert: My husband and I spent a week in Costa Rica this past April, 1-year after my diagnosis. Horseback riding on the beach was on my bucket list.

Alicia Flath Rayner: When I was diagnosed in 2014, my sons were 2 and 4 years old. I always imagined taking a family trip to Walt Disney World, but feared it may never be possible. In March 2017, my friends and family threw me an amazing surprise 40th birthday. I’m still impressed today that out of 200+ people no one leaked the surprise. The party was the gift in itself to be surrounded by my loved ones and celebrate the night away. However, to top it off, they all chipped in and gifted us a family vacation to Walt Disney World. When you wish upon a 🌟…

Gladys Faccini: After thoracic surgery last November to remove 2 lung nodules, was able to hike 4 hours in an altitude approximately 7000 feet above sea level yesterday and see one of the most beautiful Valleys in the world in Valle of Cocora, Colombia, South America! Home of the tallest wax palms in the world ❤️

Denise Yasinko: Here I am, hiking “The Narrows” in Zion National Park – a 6 hour round trip!

Katrina Buehrer Bellem: From hiking a few days ago, to surgery tomorrow!

So there is life between CT scans! Dare to dream. Take some risks. Set some goals for yourself to reach. Go ahead and make the flight reservations (Just remember to buy the travel insurance…LOL!) Yes, there will be ups and downs. But take advantage of those ups, and do the things that truly make you feel alive.


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