Teresa Sue Hammer

Teresa Sue Hammer
Nov 15, 1957 – Nov 9, 2012

A celebration of her life for Teresa Sue Hammer was be held on Friday, November 16, 2012 at Oakwood Memorial Park

Ron’s Words at the Memorial Service on Behalf of His Beloved Wife Teresa Sue Hammer

Good morning everyone, I’m going to do my very best to get through this…
It’s very important to me that I do.

I’ve been carrying around Terri’s cellphone since she passed, and I’m very glad that I have, I’ve received many touching phone calls over the last few days from Terri’s many friends, that may not have had any other way to get a hold of me. Wednesday afternoon I got a call from Terri’s Doctor – Dr. Lee.

We had a nice conversation, he expressed his condolences, and how he was happy that he had a chance to be a part of Terri’s life. And then he turned to me, he is my Doctor as well. He wanted to make sure that I was managing OK, and how important sleep is – “Yeah Right.” I told him that I absolutely needed to talk up here during her service, and that how difficult I thought it would be. Was there a prescription, just 1 dose – something that would take some of the pain away – just long enough to help me get through this. He said that, “Ron, unfortunately, there is no magic pill for that.”

In the Spring of last year, I asked Terri to marry me – it later became known as the “2nd happiest day of her life.” We’d been together for over 20 years, — “obviously” there was never any urgency to get married. Neither of us wanted to take a chance on losing the happiness that we shared. If I new then, what I now know — we would’ve gotten married decades ago.

A short while after our marriage, I was fortunate to be able to retire. Little did we know, that within weeks, Terri would begin having the 1st symptoms of her illness. We would later tell ourselves, “how lucky we were,” that we were able to spend every moment together fighting the disease.

I wanted to talk some about that, very few know all of the detail, so I thought it might be helpful – to everyone – if you heard a little bit about it from me.

LeioMyoSarcoma – You may have never heard of it – and there is a reason for that.. It’s very rare, the cause to this day is unknown. “They say,” during times like this, one should expect to feel all of the emotions. If I have experienced anger, it is because, with all of the scientists, and all of the Doctors, we still don’t know WHY… LMS is very resistant – to therapy, and very deadly… Complete surgical removal is really your only shot. Terri had a great surgeon, she loved him, as she did all of her doctors and nurses – and there were many – and he did the very best that he could do. It’s very common for LMS to metastasize to the lungs and brain. Post surgery, her brain was clear, but she had many lesions in her lungs – and that’s what we would fight for over a year. Many different drugs, some radiation — some successes, some setbacks. Last week, Terri began having symptoms of brain metastasis, and complications associated with that, are what ultimately took her from us.

Terri loved her family, and she loved her friends – but family was especially important to her. Whenever she met someone new, after only a few moments, they adored her. She just had that way about her, and especially that infectious smile.

…and she loved ME. Unconditionally. And she was my very best friend.

We were both passionate about Motorsports. Huge fans, we loved to spectate, and most of you probably know that, we were drag racers. Many people would say, “Oh what a nice hobby!” Terri would often reply, “When I think of hobby, I think of scrapbooking or collecting stamps.” Only a racer truly understands that drag racing is more of a lifestyle than a pastime.” And we loved THAT life.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone – family and friends – for all of their help and support, and for their expressions of love for Terri, during this very tough time.

When Terri & I were alone, during some of the tougher times, and she would look up from her bed and ask, “Please never forget me.” [“I won’t, Sweetheart”] I’m asking you to please take a moment to think back about the last time that you were with Terri…
remember where you’re at right now…
and please never forget her.

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