Phase 1/1b Study of MGCD516 in Patients with Advanced Cancer

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Nikki Angel of the Sarcoma Oncology Center in Santa Monica, California explains how this trial may help leiomyosarcoma patients with the tyrosine kinase (RTK) receptor expressed in your tumor. The trial doctors will test your tumor sample to see if your tumor has it or not, to determine eligibility.

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Dr. Sant Chawla

All the cells in our bodies communicate by sending signals to one another through a type of molecule that exists on the surface of our cells called a receptor. One type of receptor that exists on all of our cells is called a receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK). The job of RTKs is to communicate signals to surrounding cells that will increase cell growth, cell survival, and cell migration (movement throughout our bodies). RTKs will naturally stop sending their signal when it is time for surrounding cells to stop growing. Many cancers grow because of a genetic mutation that causes the RTK signal to never turn off, so the cells keep multiplying and cause tumors to grow.

The drug in this trial is taken orally and is designed to inhibit certain RTKs that are contributing to tumor growth by helping to turn off signals that otherwise will not turn off because of an existing mutation. This study is looking at patients with certain specific mutations, so the patient will be asked to provide tumor samples (either from surgery or biopsy) to test for these mutations. Identifier: NCT02219711


sarcoma oncology center