Are you overwhelmed?
People around you just don’t get it?
Feeling doomed with no hope?
Are you stuck with anxiety 24/7?

A cancer coach can offer one-to-one help to move you from feelings of panic to powerful. With a few sessions over the phone or by video chat, they can guide you on your own path to recovery. Coaching is not the same as therapy. You set the goals. They listen deeply and help you come up with your own practical strategies to reach your goals. Like a personal trainer, they help you stay on target. Do you want to get organized, have a critical conversation with a loved one or just feel more in control and hopeful? Coaching is a fast and efficient way to get you unstuck and to create your own powerful “new normal.”

How do they do it?  A cancer coach:  

  • Listens very deeply
  • Asks you powerful questions to help you find your own answers
  • Helps you structure your own action plan
  • Provides honesty and encouragement
  • Keeps you accountable to your goals, or helps you set new ones

Try it out for free!

During November 2018, The Cancer Journey is offering one free coaching session to cancer patients. See how just one session can help you feel better!

If you’d like a session, email them at with FREE COACHING SESSION in the subject line, or call at 415-307-8310. Don’t forget to leave your name and phone number!

The Cancer Journey also has a free guide to download, “Panic to Powerful,” monthly e-newsletter and free teleseminars!

Want to become a cancer coach? Take their two weekend long, P2P cancer coach certification training

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