A Virtual Workshop with Courtney Jackson Moore


November 7, 2020

1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern Time

Cost: Free with a donation of any amount to LMSDR

Just email a copy or photo of your donation receipt to 2LMSDR@gmail.com.  The link for the workshop will be sent to you.

Materials list below

Behind every idea, is a story that inspired it…

In May of 2018, my mom, Debbye, was diagnosed with uterine leiomyosarcoma. I became obsessed with the care she received, next steps and my mom’s “new normal.”


For my mom, exercising was a difficult task. The chemo treatments took a lot out of her and she struggled with movement because of it. Naturally, her fear of the disease took her to uncomfortable places emotionally. As a yoga teacher and educator, I decided to put my love and knowledge of malas to good use! I started making my sweet mama her own malas, partnered with positive affirmations, that she could use during her chemotherapy treatments.

Sadly, On June 5, 2020, my sweet mama lost her battle with uterine leiomyosarcoma. So, I’ve created workshops like this, as a tribute to her. It’s my way of helping others in her memory.


In this workshop I will demonstrate how to make a mala, use it and also offer some suggestions on how to find the right affirmation to start with!

Make a mala so you can remind yourself how powerful you are, and so you can take some much needed YOU time, because you deserve it.

Make a Mindful Meditation Mala Bracelet Workshop

November 7, 2020

1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern Time

Cost:  Free with a donation of any amount to LMSDR

Send donation receipt to 2LMSDR@gmail.com to get the registration link!

Materials Needed

Source: Hobby shops online like Michaels or Amazon

Beads of your choice (with optional stones and spacer beads) – size 6mm – 8mm

Elastic cording size .5mm $3.49

Optional charm or tassel