Mike Whitmer, husband and caregiver to Sharee Whitmer, a member of the LMSDR Facebook Support Group, is the winner of our Week #1 Thankful for Caregivers contest.

Sharee describes Mike as her soulmate.  Many of us met Mike and Sharee at the Sarcoma Exchange in Atlanta in 2018, and we would agree they are a match made in heaven!

Sharee says this about Mike, who added caregiver to his long list of titles in 2014 (and, much more happily, the title of grandfather last year):

“November was Caregiver’s Month, and I happen to have one of the best! My cancer diagnosis, treatments and surgeries have really changed his life as well. Juggling me, all of my treatments, surgeries, appointments, a farm, AND a full-time job is incredibly demanding. When I was diagnosed, he had just gone back to college to get his degree…and has managed to get two promotions at work.”
Sharee said when she found out Mike was the winner:  “I think I scared Mike, nearly to death by screaming out when I finally found his name! I had been looking for two days!”

Mike, who was excited to learn he had won, too, says this: ” Wow! Thank caregiver Mikeyou! Thank you for all you do for my wife and everyone that has LMS. Your group has really helped her in tremendous ways over the last 5 years.”

Glad to partner with you, Mike.  We agree with Sharee — you are one of the best!  Congratulations. A $100 VISA gift card is on its way to you!