By Sharon Anderson 8/4/19


The helmsman of the ship yells, “Helms Alee!” The crew scrambles to change course!

We all need a time out – cancer or no cancer – to gather our thoughts, strengthen our spirit and change our course. The word vacation comes from the Latin root “vacare – be unoccupied.”  And we all know what negative worries occupy us! Is it possible to change course, let go of worry, and enjoy our lives? How about for a day? How about for six days?

Close your eyes and imagine.  You are relaxing in a reclined chair and looking out at vast blue waters. You are surrounded by people who support and understand you. There is an instant kinship – as if you have always known each other. You all take in the beauty of the islands, the gourmet food, tales of the Mayan ruins and giggle about the strange towel animal on your bed last night. And all your worries take a time out.

Maybe tomorrow, you want to try something new and courageous. A swim with the manta rays? See how high you can get on the climbing wall?  Have a dolphin encounter? Hike to a small Mayan village and ruins? Maybe just have a belly laugh as you slip down the water slide! “What’s next?” you ask!

For me, it’s all about the water… I have to be in it.  Shallow aqua blue waters rocking against white sand shores.  I can just imagine the feel of the warm waters and the squishing of the sand between my toes. Ahhhh. And snorkeling! The reef is abundant with colorful fish and coral. This balances my psyche and rejuvenates my soul, like nothing else can.

If reading this “changed your course” for a minute, then seriously consider joining us on the LMSDR Caribbean Cruise. Don’t worry about that next scan. If you are in treatment, cruising is the perfect vacation because you can always recline on deck or retreat to your private room when needed.  You can heal and regain your strength. Still hesitant? Just buy travel insurance and feel confident. Life should not be on hold… “Gather thee rosebuds, while thee can!” (Or in this case, sea shells.)


LMSDR Caribbean Cruise 

March 8 – 14, 2020

Fort Lauderdale – Cayman Islands – Mexico


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