Kristy was a remarkable woman. Kind, generous, brilliant. A wife, mother, friend, mentor. After surviving multiple of lives hardships, far more than any one person should, she somehow persevered and with that all-too-knowing grin was determined to live a life full of travel, photography, important work, loving relationships, her dogs and simply watching the birds in her backyard. For the past 25 years she worked for the Veterans Administration as a certified specialist clinical health psychologist. Kristy created 61 programs across the country with her time at the VA. The culmination of her efforts focused on creating the Primary Care-Mental Health Integration Program at the Carl T. Hayden Veterans’ Administration Medical Center in Phoenix Arizona as well as instrumental in the creation of the fellowship training program in clinical psychology. When she retired due to her illness, the fellowship training program in health psychology was named in Kristy’s honor. She will be terribly missed.