Christine Friscia

After eight courageous years battling Uterine Leiomyosarcoma, Christine Friscia passed away on July 2, 2008 with her husband Tony by her side.

Christine Fiscia was born in Brooklyn on April 18, 1946 and was raised there along with her two sisters Jane and Roxanne. She met her future husband, Tony, at Coney Island when she was sixteen years old and they have been together ever since.

She and Tony eventually moved to Colorado, where she dedicated her life to raising her two children, Jennifer and Darren. Although she left her family in Brooklyn, she made life-long friends in Evergreen who became her second family. Even through subsequent relocations and life-changes, their friendships remained strong to the end.

Despite her initial diagnosis with cancer in 1999, Christine was able to experience the realization of her childrens’ aspirations, as well as the fulfillment of her own dreams. She felt extremely blessed to see her daughter, Jennifer, get her Masters Degree in audiology and to witness both of her children get married. When she turned 60, Tony surprised her with a trip to Europe. One of the most important events her life, however, was witnessing the birth of her grandson, Benjamin, two years ago. Christine said that he was going to save her she fought for two more years because she wanted to be a part of his life.

Through her strength and determination, she taught us how to be better people. She was one of the best and she will be missed immensely.

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