Amy Yessian
This page is dedicated to celebrating Amy’s life.
We want to remember the person she was before her illness…her vibrant personality and lust for life. Amy was the one who would strike up a conversation with you if she saw you standing or sitting alone. The person who came out to the clubs and concerts to applaud your efforts and cheer you on. A woman who gave you her honest answers if you asked her opinion and who would sometimes give you her opinion even if you didn’t ask for it if she thought it might help you in some way or open your heart to a different view.
Remember her own unique style, quick wit and contagious laugh. Remember the person who loved to cook for you. Remember the person who would ask how you and your family were doing and really care and listen to your answer. Also remember the courage and strength she showed during her illness to help make it easy on us all. Most of all remember Amy Yessian as the fun loving, happy, smiling girl who asked for nothing but gave you her love and support unconditionally if you were lucky enough to be considered her friend.
Amy always saw the glass half full even in the worst situations. Please give what you can. Thank you.
For Amy
Counting the days since last I held you
Able to taste our last kiss
Drink in each moment I shared with you
And my heart will ache that much less
Looking now to find my future
Wouldn’t trade a fortune for our past
Loved you from the moment met you
Love you till the day my last
Miss your smile, your hair, your warmth and wit
In dreams I touch your silky skin
The more you are not in my arms
The more I’ll hold you here within
I’ll raise a glass to love I’ll treasure
And shed a tear each day for thee
Of all the loves now till forever
None will love like you and me
A ring without a finger
A ring without a finger sits in a box in a drawer
By the last book she read In a room stilled by darkness
With a heart filled by sorrow awakened by sadness
Alone in our bed I linger recalling that day and that ring
I once placed on her finger
I smell a rose but it’s not as sweet
I see the sky but it’s lost some blue
I feel the rain but it’s not the same or
as beautiful as when it feel on you
The fireplace a lonely space
The fire’s glow has lost it’s hue
My empty bed the warmth is gone
Once held the flame as I held you
The sun now fades on my singed heart
The cooling air tells time to move
The summer’s light has leased the sky to an autumn moon that beckons you
I’ll talk to you if that’s alright
Let your spirit somehow guide me through
As cloudy days and chilly nights
will only fan the flames of love…… for you.
Only Me
She didn’t mind folding, if I did the laundry
She’d do the shopping, if I wrote the list
I’d drive cross country, with her riding shotgun
I‘d clean the whole house for one extra kiss
She’d write the cards, while I’d work in the yard
And I’d wash the dishes, cause she loved to cook
She’d grab the phone, cause I didn’t like to
I’d write my songs while she’d read her books
She worked full time, while I did my music
I did my music, cause that was our dream
She never complained or made me feel guilty
Just gave me the love and support that I’d need
We didn’t have much, but we had each other
And now that she’s gone this life has grown cold
I still do the driving but no one rides shotgun
Hate doing the laundry but learning to fold
I’m trying to write songs again but can’t find the hooks
While shopping and cleaning the dust off her books
I’m cooking the dishes Amy cooked for me
But they somehow taste different, even she would agree
Always the small things that made us so happy
That gave us such pleasure and made life complete
All I can do now is pray I remember
Why life is worth living when there’s only me…..
on the surface i look healthy
almost happy time to time
on the surface i may laugh
even sing a song of mine
on the surface it appears
i’m right where i should be
it’s what’s below the surface
that i won’t let you see
below the surface there’s an ocean
of tears i’ve not yet cried
and screams of pain and anguish
that are sometimes hard to hide
even i’m afraid to let them rise up to the top
for those tears below the surface
might erupt and never stop
i hide a deep and mournful cloud
too dark to let you know
as i’m sure you have your sadness
that to me you will not show
there’s emptiness in many hearts
and i grieve for your loss too
i’m aware how much you meant to her
and i know how she touched you
yeah there’s a heart still beating
down below there in my chest
but it’s beyond my comprehension
what makes me draw another breath
for if all i had to do to be with her
were not to breathe
i’d be holding her here in my arms
and she’d be holding me
on the surface we’re all moving on
along this journey you and me
and i know Amy’s watching over us
and it’s how she’d want it to be
she lives inside me now and one secret i will tell
every time that you hug me
you’re hugging her as well.
Right about now
Right about now most of the shopping would be done Just tying up a few loose ends for a few special friends, Long lines in every mall as far as the eye can see, Later that night our annual fight While trimming the christmas tree
What goes on first? She’d say “the garland or the light’s?” It didn’t really matter we loved that silly fight And we’d laugh and make a toast and hang another ballLike it was yesterday those special moments i can recall. Santa holding a menorah? Her parents gave us that With the light up little candles and the red yamika hat
My folks gave us a crystal ornament With the nativity etched in gold My grandma gave it to them or so i was told Right about now we’d have a fire blazing with cards on the mantle Playing christmas carols, baking cookies and lighting a room full of candles.Then i’d go
on the roof to hang the christmas lights, Oh boy !!!, that was another fight
They’re not straight! Too many blues in a row!
What about the chimney?? Can you tie it with a bow?? For you my love… i’ll give it a go. Right about now i’d make a wish for a fabulous new year For me and youBut right about now my only christmas wish Is one that will never come true.

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About Leiomyosarcoma Support & Direct Research Foundation (LMSDR)

Debra Ross Stahl

This fund was created out of love for Amy Yessian to help others win their battle with leiomyosarcoma by funding LMS specific research. Leiomyosarcoma Support & Direct Research Foundation (LMSDR) raises donations for Leiomyosarcoma research and patient support.  We advocate directly with sarcoma researchers to study leiomyosarcoma. We offer the largest moderated support group online for leiomyosarcoma, where patients and loved ones get the latest LMS news and  personal support. The LMSDR’s website offers local support groups, details of what we do, the research we have funded and many resources for the Leiomyosarcoma community. The LMSe Alerts is our monthly newsletter, offering more updated clinical trials, news and community events. The Leiomyosarcoma Lifeline is our new blog, featuring patient stories and our well-known Long Term Thriver stories.

We collaborate with researchers and other organization to reach our mission and vision of finding treatments that will work. We have created the Leiomyosarcoma Tissue Bank for researchers to study our disease, the Leiomyosarcoma website for education and support at our leiomyosarcoma patient conferences, in Denver, Colorado, San Francisco, California, New York City, New York, and Maui, Hawaii.  Please stay in touch with our website for more upcoming events sponsored by Leiomyosarcoma Support & Direct Research Foundation.

Leiomyosarcoma Support & Direct Research is an all volunteer organization which Amy Ysupported.  We are proud to have Patient Registry to collect data, and ran successful blood collections for study. We have brought patients and loved ones together from all over the minimal amount of expenses as possible, to ensure your money goes directly to funding promising research for leiomyosarcoma specifically.  You can volunteer, put on fundraisers, promote LMS awareness and ask your employer for matched funds. Please consider making a donation and helping us Work, not wish, for treatments that will work for us. We have been a 501(C) (3) since 2006 and a tax-free charity.