The Susan Liebowitz LMS Memorial Fund

The Susan Liebowitz LMS Memorial Fund

Beloved wife of Michael Liebowitz. Dear mother of Amy Liebowitz and Marc Liebowitz. Devoted sister of Harvey Turkel. Also survived by many other loving family members and friends.

Susan and I always found that the LMS information from the ACOR LMS List support group gave us help and comfort in her long fight against LMS. It was always our hope that the sharing of LMS information would improve the chances of finding better treatments for LMS.

Love and best wishes to all,

Michael Liebowitz

Susan’s courageous 8 ½ year battle with LMS:
2002–ULMS within a fibroid; TAH/BSO
2004-5–Mets to lungs; thoracotomy & VATS; 6 rounds of gem/tax
2006,07,08–More mets to lungs. cyberknife to eliminate 5 mets. Letrozole didn’t work.
2008,09–Paraspinal met to lower lumbar & sacral; surgery. Recurrence; surgery/radiation at same spot again. New met to ribcage. Many more small mets to lungs, now approx. 14 total. Started Yondelis trial; mixed results: some mets shrunk or stayed same, some grew, growth of ribcage met slowed. Recurrence (3rd time) to same paraspinal spot.
9/2009—Yondelis trial stopped (never resumed) for 7 weeks of 25 radiation treatments.
2009,10—New mets in lungs/ribcage & growth of all existing mets, now too big to treat.
April 5, 2010– Susan died at home 11 days after starting hospice care.

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