The Sherry Ingram LMS Research Fund

The Sherry Ingram LMS Research Fund


I was diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma on 2/24/09 after a routine hysterectomy. The news turned out to be the even worse than I realized after learning, not only did I have cancer, but I had a pretty rare cancer. As I’ve become more educated since the diagnosis, I’ve learned how little research time and money goes to LMS. So, I’m creating my fund in the hopes my family and friends will be as generous with their money as they have been with their support.


9/21/10 – I found out in June the LMS has metastasized to my left lung. I started a one year treatment plan on 7/21. I’m doing chemo followed by surgery to remove remaining nodules. Then, I do some more chemo. Its going to be a hard year but worth it to be cancer free at the end!

1/12/12 – Once again, Misty and I get the news that LMS is back — this time in my abdomen. Chemo and likely surgery to come to get rid of things once again. Thanks so much to everyone for all the ongoing support!

10/28/12 – As many of you know, I’ve been struck again by LMS. This time it is in my liver, and it is not surgical. I have just started a promising new clinical trial and am getting the drug Trabectidin. Misty and I are prepared to continue to fight. Thank you all so much for your ongoing donations for the much needed research $$ for this cancer.

Thank you for your donations!!


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