The Misty Layne Morgan LMS Research Fund

 Misty Layne Morgan was an extraordinary thirty-two year old woman who graced everyone with kindness, a twinkling smile and a genuine concern for all. Misty found strength in knowledge, earning a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Texas, as well as a M.A. in Clinical Counseling, from the University of Phoenix. With this knowledge, Misty was prepared to embark upon a career, in helping others.
Tragically in 2005 Misty was diagnosed with Sarcoma, a form of cancer which attacks the muscles and tissue, of its victim. During a powerful three and a half year battle, Misty demonstrated her dignity, strength and resolve, in order to conquer this deadly disease. Enduring four difficult surgeries and countless months of conventional and experimental treatments, Misty never accepted her situation, as terminal; but took on the attitude of a maverick, seeking a cure for Sarcoma.
Misty’s strength came from within and her determination and sweet demeanor were inspirational, to all she came in contact. Her spirit still lives, among those in her immediate family, her extended family and her special family at Frasier’s.
In her absence, I know she would want to thank all participants for their time, donations and support; and for continuing her battle, in a hope to eliminate this deadly disease, Sarcoma.

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