The Lynnette Stertz LMS Research Fund

The Lynnette Stertz LMS Research Fund

Lynnette Jean Stertz is the devoted wife to Tom Stertz, mother to Sarah & Jerry (Shannon) and Erin & Travis (Stertz-Follett), and grandmother to Micah Duane (Shannon), Audrey Violet (Follett), and Luke Alexander (Shannon). She is the “glue” that holds our family together, always putting others above herself and providing daily child care for her grandchildren throughout her illness. She is a living, breathing example of God’s love and grace and she shows this by all of the work she does not only for us, but also for her church family and her many friends and extended family.

Lynn has been bravely battling leiomyosarcoma of the IVC since October 2003. Since that time, she has experienced several metastases – the most recent, and most serious, to her liver and lungs. Her past treatments have included resection of the primary tumor, RFA of metastases, and toxic chemotherapy. Additionally, she has made changes to her diet and takes too many supplements to count!

Leiomyosarcoma is not a “predictable” cancer – There are no known causes, and no known hereditary links. It leaves a random path of destruction like a tornado that rips through a community – tearing apart your house and the one down the avenue, but inexplicably sparing others. Our mom’s structure has been torn, but her core and spirit are strongly intact. We trust that with medical research, and the saving grace of God, many of our questions will be answered. The more lives spared, the better.

In the spirit of all that our mother has done for us and for others, we, her daughters, are proudly establishing the Lynnette Stertz LMS Research Fund. As all of us affected by this disease know, research for a cure is painfully lacking and needs to be funded. Thank you so much for your contributions to both honor our mom, Lynn, and to help fund research that will someday save many lives.

~ Erin and Sarah

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