The Katie Baldwin Leipprandt LMS Research Fund

The Katie Baldwin Leipprandt LMS Research Fund

Katie was born into a US military family (Navy) in Japan in 1962. Kate married her sweetheart Doug, at age 23 and the love-story continues over 30 years later. Kate has volunteered her time in the schools and church in her area, to military families in need of financial counseling, and via several mission trips alongside her children and husband over the years. She works as a financial planner in the Chicago area and has for over 25 years. Her clients are her friends, or her family, or both. Kate loves to dote on her two grown children and their fiancé’s and on her many nieces and nephews and family members.

Donations to this fund are to find a cure for Leiomyosarcoma (LMS); a rare, aggressive form of cancer. Kate was diagnosed without warning at age 53. There is no cure to date. All funds raised here are donated towards research. One prominent researcher, Dr. Matt van de Rijn of Stanford University, is focusing on three proteins common in LMS and believes in targeted therapy as an alternative treatment. This form of treatment targets proteins that aren’t found in normal, healthy cells and would cause less damage to the patient’s body, increasing the amount of drugs a patient’s body can withstand as opposed to chemotherapy. The three proteins include ROR2, CD47 and CSF1. Studies will focus on antibodies that would prevent ROR2 from forming. By preventing CD47 from forming, macrophages (immune cells) are able to eliminate LMS! CSF1 is embedded inside the tumor and gathers macrophages and uses the cells to create new blood vessels to support the tumor. Researchers are looking at various ways of disrupting this process. This research could provide answers, and save many lives. Somewhere close to 100,000 of us are diagnosed every year. We need a cure.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart! -Katie