The Kathy Wooten LMS Research Fund

The Kathy Wooten LMS Research Fund

Born June 2, 1957
Diagnosed with Soft-tissue LeioMyoSarcoma 12/2009
Deceased October 5, 2010

The most CARING, BEAUTIFUL, and AMAZING woman.
The best mother, friend, life-partner, co-worker, nurse, & adopted parent anyone could ask for.
She took kids off the street and raised them as her own.
She helped the homeless and the less fortunate.
She helped mentally challenged people work jobs so they could be independent.
She helped domesticated abused women.
She helped friends get over their drug habits.
She helped patients in bed who needed 24 hour care.
She brought every animal back to health no matter what species it was.
She is everyone’s best friend.
She is my mother, father, friend, and guardian angel.
She always has a sense of humor.
She always has to be a hopeless romantic.

Most of all she is the most loving, caring, loyal, person I know.
She is my mother and I am proud of her.
She stood up for everything she believed in.
She never gives up.
She fights until there is nothing left.
She’s my hero.
She’s my mother.

I love you mom. More than life itself.


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