The Joe Vander Veen LMS Memorial Fund

The Joe Vander Veen LMS Memorial Fund

This page was created to honor the life of Joe Vander Veen


Joe Allen Vander Veen, 59 passed away peacefully at home on April 26, 2010. He battled leiomyosarcoma cancer in the abdomen for 11 months. He was a resident of Hesperia for 16 years. He loved fishing, gardening, bowling, rving, and bbqing. He was a loving husband, father, “papa” and friend.

No more cancer sickness or suffering. He fought the good fight, he finished the race, he kept his faith. 2 Timothy 4:7-8

Joe was diagnosed with LMS on June 4 2009. He had no symptoms of being sick. He had a golf ball size lump in his abdomen, had surgery and found a grapefruit size mass. They removed what they could and started chemo on August 20, 2009. Joe had 7 rounds of taxitere and gemzar chemo. In January 2010 he had a CT scan and the mass had shrunk. He had developed severe edema so surgery was put on hold. On March 26 he had a second CT scan and the cancer had spread rapidly. April 11 he had emergency surgery for a blockage in his small bowel, and it turned out it was from the cancer strangling it. They had to bypass the small intenstine and perform an ileostomy. 15 days later he passed away.

What cancer cannot take from you. 

It cannot take away your Faith, shatter your Hope, or lessen your Love. It cannot destroy true Friendship, invade the Soul, or take away Eternal life. It cannot conquer your Spirit.


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