The Friends of Candy Berg LMS Research Fund

My world is filled with pleasures.
My work as a psychologist is a fascinating privilege.
People and creatures whom I love dearly, love me back.
I relish all tastes delicious:
black coffee, dark chocolate, red wine.
There is no better experience than traveling the world with my husband on our tandem bike.
I thank my doctors, traditional and non-traditional,
who help me stay healthy.
To all who donate to LMS research I am grateful.
For you will give me many more years on this planet,
many more trips around the sun.
I love my life and I want to keep it.

Candy Berg
March, 2008

Candy & Chris

Candy & Billy

Through the Friends of Candy Berg LMS Research Fund, Candy’s friends from all over the world join together to surround her in love and to affirm her continuing success in battling Leiomyosarcoma. While we may not know each other, we are bonded by our devotion to Candy. We represent the fortunate whose lives are blessed and enriched by our friendships with Candy. We revel in her intelligence and wit. We benefit from the wisdom of her words. We delight in the sound of her laughter.

Elizabeth Akers
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

If you would like to make a donation in honor of Candy, please click here . (When donating through PayPal, you can use the Designation Box to specify a Fund.)