The Delia Pratt Fund to Cure Leiomyosarcoma

The Delia Pratt Fund to Cure Leiomyosarcoma

Delia Pratt, M.D. set her spirit free on May 19. She was a family physician with a specialization in obstetrics who began practice in Sonoma County in 1981 at Sonoma County Indian Health Project. She later had a private practice in Petaluma where she continued to enjoy family-centered obstetrics and served as Chair of the Family Practice Department at Petaluma Valley Hospital. She served as Medical Director of Behavioral Medicine Associates, which was a multi-disciplinary chronic pain treatment program in Sonoma County and also worked as a physician at Sonoma State University Student Health Services. She was Board Certified in both Family Practice and Medical Hypnosis. She was an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Community and Family Medicine UCSF while teaching in the Family Practice Residency at Community Hospital in Santa Rosa.

In teaching residents she specialized in the areas of family-centered obstetrics, complementary medicine, cross-cultural issues in medicine, and the use of hypnosis and other communication skills to increase comfort and aid patients in enhancing their own amazing healing potential. From early childhood she was very proud of her Native American heritage and it heavily influenced her spirituality, the way she lived her life in balance with nature, and the way she practiced medicine. She became interested in complementing traditional medicine with alternative healing practices while still in medical school at UCSF and became a founding member of the American Holistic Medical Association in 1978. Prior to medical school she obtained degrees from UCLA and UC Davis. She was active in the civil rights movement and was a volunteer with the Delta Ministries in Greenville Mississippi in 1968. She loved being a physician, teacher, and healer. Even when she was too ill to practice, she was able to use the knowledge and experience she continued to gain regarding her illness to be a powerful influence and inspiration for people in Sonoma County and all over the world dealing with cancer and other chronic illness as well as those health professionals, family members, and friends who sought to help her. Most of all she loved her family and friends and was happiest when enjoying time with them in the wilderness or other natural settings.

Delia is survived by her husband Michael Pinkston, her son Jonathan Pinkston, her parents Bob and Ivah Pratt, her sisters Tamara Aburto-Pratt and Jeanene Pratt, and her brothers Robin and Terry Pratt.

Delia’s Fund to Cure Leiomyosarcoma was made a part of this website in June, 2006 and many loving friends and family members have contributed to the fund in honor of Delia. 

2006 Contributors 

Michael R. Pinkston – Bryan Morse – Susan Chandler – Ann Strack – Marcia Burkart – Lilian Wegg – Gary Coomber – Rosa Duran-Vazquez – Linda Aguilar – Margaret Maddock – Richard Maddack – David Van Nuys – Mort and Marianne Fujii – Victor and Jill Whiteman – Kathleen and Samuel Scalice – Alice Bunting – Margaret Lovett – Pae and Robert Yeung – Redwood Psychological (V.Howard) – James and Diana Powell – Darlene Fujii Pratt – Thomas Saito – Jerry and Connie Johnston – California Psychological Assn. – Jim and Cherie Klein