The Debra A. Simons LMS Research Fund

I have been diagnosed with a uterine leiomyosarcoms (ULMS) which is a cancer of smooth muscle cells. Smooth muscle cells make up the involuntary muscles, which are found in most parts of the body: in uterus, stomach and intestines, walls of all blood vessels, skin [the muscles that give you ‘goose bumps’]. This muscle is involuntary muscle, you cannot make these muscles move by thinking about them.

LMS is a rare cancer and has received little attention from the medical research community. The mission of LMSarcoma Direct Research Foundation is to assure the development of the means to cure and control the disease and to improve the quality of life for those with this disease until the cure is found. This Foundation has been determined by the IRS to be a tax deductible public charity under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Please donate generously to help us find a cure.

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