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A leiomyosarcoma survivor herself since 2002, Sharon has tirelessly used her background in social work to help leiomyosarcoma patients directly while promoting research to find a cure. Sharon has been an integral part of LMSdr since its conception. In 2005, she successfully co-managed a patient tissue donation campaign. Follow-up interviews were performed two years later which contributed to significant research data and findings. She is currently the Patient Coordinator of the leiomyosarcoma tissue bank at Stanford. She has represented LMSdr for several years at ASCO and CTOS scientific conventions. Hundreds of leiomyosarcoma families have received her assistance and support online with the leiomyosarcoma support groups, several of which she initiated and continually moderates herself. As Executive Director of LMSdr, she’s committed to advocating for and funding the most promising research for leiomyosarcoma.